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Hello and welcome to! here we strive to provide you with pertinent up-to-date information on the latest and greatest industrial air filters for air as well as other mediums. We will cover everything from oil filters and hydraulic filters, to air filters and a decent replacement for all of them. We encourage you to browse our site as it is formulated on original research and we hope you enjoy your time with us. Before we start, however, a quick note should be made about our mission statement.

At we are completely unaffiliated with any specific product, product line, or brand. We are simply providing information. Since we have nothing to sell you, you can place trust in us that we will not be promoting anything or giving a subject undue attention. All our work is unbiased and strictly monitored for accuracy. We hope you will take the time to discover for yourself what an objective information source is really like.

Industrial air filters, especially the high efficiency particulate air, are a relatively modern invention. One such example is the hydraulic filters which must be able to sustain the hardest form of manual labor used today. HEPA filters were created initially in the 1940s as part of the Manhattan Project to reduce the potential for radioactive contaminants to spread into homes. As the industry grew it was trademarked in the 1950s and enjoys use in several different industries as a method of ironclad climate control, among other expansions along with the manufacturing of replacement filters. The HEPA filters then saw innovation into several different industries. More on the HEPA filters can be seen in the article on the left titled industrial air filters.

Humans have continual contact with replacement filters because of our need to purify the products we use. Automobiles use several in their everyday functioning. The oil filter makes sure that the lubricant use within the engine block is not grinding against solid materials. In the same way, hydraulic machines need to purify the oil and pressurized liquids utilized. The air filter on the front of the car manages the air that comes into the passenger cabin. The articles on oil filters and replacement air filters will be of the utmost importance if you’re working on an automobile anytime soon.

Within the realm of filters there are a few common components and configurations. Foam, paper, plastic, and cloth are the most common variants of industrial air filters, but at times they are meshed with metals such as aluminum in order to create a sturdy labyrinth for the air flow. More often than not these filters come in mechanical, magnetic, centrifugal, sedentary, or cartridge or spin-on. Not all of these systems require industrial air filters, but rely on other mechanisms to remove debris from the liquids in question. In hydraulic systems there is a massive amount of pressure being utilized and for that reason the placement of the filter is often changed. Regardless of the configuration, the articles on the left will outline the areas which will be covered.

We hope you’ll peruse through our information. The original research that we’ve brought to bear should provide you with a unique unbiased perspective. If you do not have much time, the FAQ section is always a great place to start as it details what to expect in our discourse on industrial air filters. Thanks and enjoy your time with us at!

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